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Queen of the jungle

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ”¬: These are the events that transpired Between 1989-2022

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ”¬: I'm going to tell you exactly what happened to the best of my ability.

Hi name is Thomas Towns.Β 

Co-creator of Bitcoin.Β 

The Satoshi Nakamoto everyone has been wondering about.Β 
Account holder of the world's largest Bitcoin account.Β 

10% of total Supply.Β 

Over to two million Bitcoin.Β 

I kept saying one million thinking there was only ten million total stock, but it’s like 20 million total stock..Β 

so just what ever the total stock of bitcoin is I control 10 percent..Β 

oops πŸ˜…Β 
Actually 2.1 million Btc (Bitcoin).Β 
It gets confusing..

This name was given to me as child. At the age of 9. Not by choice, but as a mark of death.Β 

This is how and why Bitcoin and the name Satoshi Nakamoto came into existence.

Verifiable Truth.

Here it is.Β 

I was shown Β the Vlog documentary Β unsolved case folder from the Fbi πŸ“.. A criminal investigation show. About a case of a man who gets attacked by a Mountain lion while drinking his morning coffee. The scene takes place at an Air bnb outside Yosemite.Β 

As the show goes on it talks Β about the house and the surrounding property.. About how there have been a series of similar events happening in the past.Β 

Reports of lions running free .. a fake CIA Research project. That the real CIA called a Mob assassination on rival mob bosses and their families. Β 

And a police officer who's suspected Murder was covered up by local authorities.Β 

Also A boy they were looking for.. One who was the missing link to the whole case.Β 

Then realized I was the person they were talking about.Β 

Something I witnessed as a child that I wasn't allowed to talk about.Β 
In fear that someone would find me and kill me.
Something that I was only supposed to talk about after my Father passed away.Β 
At a certain time and place.Β 
Something that I was only ever supposed to talk about if they found me.Β 

No joke.. Β 

A few months later I got a chance to go back to the house.Β 


Believe me when I say this information is valid.Β 

They have been looking for me for years.Β 

And I didn't even realize it.Β 

Not just a crazy rant.Β 
Real life factual, with documented evidence events.Β 
Many of you may see this as some projection of mental illness.Β 
this is Information from the government ..

so how every unsavory or untrue you see Β this.. it is Real.Β 

The truth isn't pretty or nice.
it hurts.. it may be hard to read.Β 

What I'm about to tell doesn't fit social standards..Β 

It is childhood trauma..

About Β how I was born into a war between two rival American organizations in 1989. Β Thrown away after birth. Then rescued.Β 

Beating the odds of survival after I was left in a bedroom alone then attacked by a African Lion mixed with American mountain Lion.Β 
This is one of the craziest things you will ever hear.Β 

Then what happened Next.. defying all odds became a financial history.Β 

Something I've never been allowed to talk about until now.Β 
I don't want to offend anyone intentionally..Β 

This is a sensitive issue that needs to be addressed.Β 
About abuse of power and Criminal infiltration Β into police forces.Β 

Police Gangs..Β 

That's why I want to warn you now..Β 

By reading this it is your Β choice.Β 

I'm not responsible for any emotional or psychological damage.Β 

Your first reaction may be discussed or a state of disbelief.Β 

It's hard to believe.. you would think that it could never happen like this.Β 

I've been under an agreement not to tell anyone until right now.Β 

Anyone reading this will be the first to know my best kept secret. The weight that's Something I haven't spoken about in years.Β 

This is what happened to me and others.

Personal experiences in life.

You have no idea just how brutal and unforgiving Β it was.Β 
Β Before you criticize, think of this from my perspective as well as the victims who have passed away.Β 
Innocent people killed.Β 

A breach in American law enforcement by criminal organizations.Β 

I'm doing my best to get the point across to a wide range of people that these events actually happened and are documented by photos, videos, eyewitness accounts, and digital records.Β 

All supporting my case.Β 

True events.Β 

You really have to read to the end for everything to make sense.Β 

I apologize if the segments are Choppy Β ..spelling and grammatical errors.. I'm writing this using only my cellphone.


This is about Real people whose life's have been taken from them because of this.Β 
I am a key witness and have been hunted by multiple criminal organizations since I was a child.Β 
All because I was a loose end.Β 
saw things that I shouldn't have seen.Β 
Wrong place, wrong time.Β 

Drugged as child so bad that I almost didn't remember.Β 

What's worse is that people literally hate me for writing about this.Β 

This is not political. I promise you will be so furious that active police right now are connected to these crimes. This is Β my personal eye witness experience.Β 

With that being said this isn't for your satisfaction. Β 

It is for remembering what I can. A Day to day journal that I can document my memories Β πŸ““..

Also To Help investigators solve these Β Cases. Yes there is more than one.. Cases that have been Unexplained and unsolved over a 32 year period .. all connected to each other.Β 

I have been Living in hiding for the last 32 years.Β 
.. I'm 33 now btw.. my whole life.Β 

I want to be completely honest about what happened.

What you're about to read is a series of short documentary statements.Β 

Im writing out details I remember then cross examining the statements.. to get the exact details correct.Β 

written to help expose the truth about the police gangs in California and tell the story of those who were murdered to protect their secret Involvement with criminal entities. Β 

This is an Active government Investigation happening right now.Β 
Information that's been collected by others before watching it my self.

About a triple homicide I witnessed as a child.

committed Β by a gang of local police officers in mariposa California.Β 

Not only a secret that They killed to protect, but the secret that reshaped the financial world as we know it.Β 


How everything came to be.Β 

The beginning of the end.Β 

hypothesis and speculation are just that.Β 

please understand that I'm being completely honest about my personal experience.

Β I as well as everyone else who witnessed the killings Β were given a psychiatric drug called "lithium" . Which causes severe Β memory loss by blocking Nero receptive pathways in the brain.Β 
It sounds impossible, but this is what they use on their victims.Β 

One of the side effects is hyperthyroidis.

a compound diagnosis of multiple symptoms attributed to the effects of the drug.Β 

Memory loss being the target symptom. Β 
Writing everything out helps me remember details I've over looked.Β 

This is my journal to not only help me remember, but create a linear time structure of the events that took place.Β 

Details are still being added as they come up.Β 

one thing I'm having trouble placing is exact dates and exact years. Β 

Everything you are about to read is true.

Im not the first person this has happened to.

There have been Numerous attempts to take my life for this.
I take it very seriously.Β 

People died.Β 

This is my first time talking about it and writing about since after these events took place.Β 

I have been given the go ahead green light to tell my story to the best of my ability.

Don't let the cute emoji's fool you

⚠️This is a True story.⚠️
⛔️Warning ⛔️ 

Please be respectful to those who lost their life.Β .Β 

In the videos below are the houses where the events took place. Β 

The Forgotten member

After the encounter

Little boy lost