With the thought in mind that not everyone has access to professional level gear and electronics. Myself included..Β 
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I'm 32 currently and a Dad At 22. So money and time was an issue.. Stopping music was out of the question, but I had to comprise.Β 

I believeΒ that it's not impossible to Β get studio quality soundΒ using only a laptop and a few programs.Β 


Producing music was once for those who could afford the gear or have access to resources.Β 
With the growth of technology it is now possible for any one with a laptop to be able to make competitive music from home.

I wanted to find an answer for the question,Β 

What do I need to start producing music? Β 

After learning the ins and outs at a campus recording studio and protools lab went to making beats in my grandma's garage while everyone's sleeping.Β  Β 

I asked my self this,Β  Β 

How can I get the most original organic sounds on the most basic means?Β πŸ’»Β 

Is it possible for anyone with a laptop to start producing musicΒ with out a studio?

Be able to create high quality music fast and have it be different every time??Β 


Here's how I dealt with this:

A Laptop

FL Studio

and Serum. Β 


When Scroll clicking on endless drum samples becameΒ unbearable. I began to want more control over what was happening with-in that sample.Β Β 


The answer was obvious!Β 

Make drum sounds using only synthesizers!! It will be high qualityΒ βœ…Β and will have endless variations.Β  Β 

So I started building a sound library using only a vst synth (Xfer serum)Β 

Really what's more cost efficient than learning how to making everything your self?Β 


It's simple really.. If you're using a synthesizer for designing sounds and also drums then you don't really to need buy sample packs since you're now making samples. You also have full range of the sounds direction. When stacked together the Serum patches create a labyrinth of assigned modulation sequences. The same way a patch bay works on a modular analog synthesizer ! Endless variations!Β 

Cost avoidedΒ πŸ˜…Β 

As the years go by the content builds up and starts being shaped with new knowledge gained.Β 


It becomes a living environment of preset settings, project files, exported samples and finalized audio tracks.Β 


It's really a lot of fun! I produce music every day I can. I enjoy it, but it's not like that for everyone..Β 

A lot of people have a hard time finding their way through producing. It's a lot to take in and make sense of. Even with all the information online just knowing what questions to ask is a battle within its self. This often leads to more questions. More often than not people give up because it's too hard.Β 

Learning Sound design on Synthesizers is by far the hardest mediumΒ to comprehend.

With that being said, it's also the most rewarding.

Naturally by just working on projects in my DAW I build up a preset library Β of synth sounds and drums sounds. Making it a complete music making pack.Β 

I realized that keeping this all to myself would only end up being stored on a hard drive and nothing would probably ever become ofΒ it.Β 

SoΒ I started this project to give a lot for a little and do a few cool things a long the way. Β  Β  Β 

Doing it the way I wanted. Not the way others want it to be.Β 
Despite the crude web design and wonders of if this is real. I just said F it,Β I'm just going to see what happens if I put my presets and project files online and let the customer set the price.Β 


Not only a social experiment, but a chance for anyone interested in vst sound design and audio production to gain hard to find knowledge.Β